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Our Approach

First, we want to hear  from YOU.

What are your goals?

What have you tried already?

What do you think is holding you back?

Why is working on your aesthetic important to you right now?

Next, we discuss what your options are.

Can the services offered at PathWays assist you?

In what ways can we help you achieve your goals?

To what extent are non-surgical facial feminization & hair removal solutions an option for you?

From there, we devise a plan specific to your goals and priorities.

We don't devise plans and then try to 'fit' our clients into them....

we meet people and we create plans that fit their needs.

Sometimes the answers are "No" and we are not able to assist you with non-surgical solutions.

We are always realistic in our service delivery.

But more often than not, the answers are "Yes, there are ways we can help".

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