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Permanent Hair Removal

- Electrolysis & Laser -

electrolysis treatment on face

Electrolysis permanent hair removal has been around the block. And back again.

This method of permanent hair removal is nearly 150 years old. Plenty of time to prove it's efficacy.

Laser hair reduction came into play in the early 1990's. It had a bit of a bad rap in the beginning - but today's lasers are MUCH more effective.

Our team will explore the hair removal options available to you and discuss the best route for YOUR specific needs/goals.

Permanent facial (and body) hair removal is high on the list of things our clients most desire. When’s the best time to start? Our advice is: let hair removal be one of the first steps you take during your transition. If possible, the very first. Even before you will start visibly living as a woman full time.


Are you choosing to do hormone therapy? Hormones won’t remove the beard. You could start hair removal and hormones at the same time, or even start with hair removal before starting hormone therapy. Why?

1. 5 o'clock shadow is a very real problem.
This is something every trans woman knows. Having to shave daily is not a satisfactory solution for most. The stubble grows back fast, and the typical darker hue of the shaven follicles remains visible. Sometimes it feels like you need to shave twice a day...and use a lot of makeup. This is time consuming, and it doesn't relieve the uncomfortable feeling that others would be able to see the shadow through the makeup.

2. Time is a factor.
Hair removal is time consuming so it’s best to start as soon as possible. Many of our clients prefer to begin hair removal before presenting as a woman full time.

3. Give yourself the power of confidence.
Hair removal as the start of your transition is very empowering.... And this boosts the confidence that is needed to continue this important chapter in your life.

These are just a few thoughts on starting electrolysis treatments earlier rather than later - however, and always know: there is NO "RIGHT" OR "WRONG" WAY to transition. It is different for every person.



For Electrolysis 

A small metal probe - about the same thickness as the hair being treated - is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle. This metal probe reaches down to the root of the of the hair, where treatment energy is then applied. The result is that the hair root is destroyed forever.

For Laser >>

A laser tip is passed over the skin where amplified light targets the pigment of the hair follicle & destroys it.


WHO IS A GOOD CANDIDATE? Anyone can take advantage of the benefits of  hair removal. Our methods are safe for ALL skin colours and ALL hair types/colours.


​WHAT DOES A TREATMENT FEEL LIKE? Each person's comfort level during a hair removal treatment will vary. Some sensation will be felt depending on your sensitivity.


WHAT ARE THE COSTS INVOLVED? Overall costs will vary by the individual, depending on the amount of hair to be removed.


WHEN CAN  HAIR REMOVAL BE PERFORMED? Hair removal can be performed on individuals over 16 years of age or with parental consent.


​WHERE CAN HAIR REMOVAL BE PERFORMED? Pretty much anywhere on the body!




1/2 Day Rate (3 hours).............................$300


Full Day Rate (6 hours).............................$550

2 day rate* (12 hours) ................................$1100

(*all 12 hours must be completed within 7 days)



Pricing based on areas to be treated.

Package pricing for multiple areas available.


Pre-Treatment topical numbing cream is available at an additional cost.

Overnight accommodation, transportation & meals may be arranged for additional fees.

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